Janco, Inc. is a premier contract supplier of quality custom plastic foam manufacturing and fabrication services for leading industry OEM manufacturers. Janco, Inc. possesses the core competencies to meet your critical business objectives with creativity, efficiency and professionalism. Janco, Inc., provides an exceptional range of innovative custom plastic manufacturing and fabrication solutions that effectively meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Specializing in long or short run production requirements

Our Medical Packaging Services

Medical Manufacturing

Janco, Inc. offers an extensive range of high performance custom plastic and foam medical products custom designed and engineered to meet stringent industry requirements, structural integrity, safety, versatility and performance.

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Medical Device Packaging

Dedicated ISO 14644-1 Certified Class 7 medical device packaging. Ensure cost and process control with the latest computer controlled sealing and test equipment available in the industry.

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Medical Foam

Janco, Inc.’s high-performance medical foams are custom fabricated to provide superior versatility, durability and flexibility for an exceptional range of medical applications.

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Medical Kitting

As a medical contract packager, we frequently handle the kitting of consigned assembled devices that require packaging for terminal sterilization. For contract packaging of consigned assembled devices, the entire team at Janco Inc. understands and is committed to the highest level of professionalism, precision, and quality.

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Medical Packaging

Janco, Inc. quality medical packaging is customized to meet exacting specifications and standards. We offer selection of sterilizable materials, long and short-run capabilities and affordable alternatives that leverage our extensive engineering and design experience.

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Medical Trays

High-performance sterilizable medical trays that offer exceptional durability, versatility of use and meet exacting medical specifications and quality standards for the most demanding medical applications.

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RF Sealing

Janco, Inc. offers advanced radio frequency RF sealing services that enable our customers to seize new market opportunities, effectively meet evolving demand for versatile quality medical products and secure winning competitive advantage.

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Foam Molding

Janco, Inc. utilizes an innovative range of foam molding and fabrication techniques for integrated solutions optimized to conform to your unique product requirements and meet market demand for increased product versatility.

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Plastic Molding

Janco, Inc.’s extensive range of custom plastic molding solutions offer unsurpassed design versatility for a virtually limitless range of quality plastic products and packaging.

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Plastic Vacuum Forming

Plastic vacuum forming is one of the most versatile and economical processes available for manufacturing an exceptional range of quality custom plastic products and packaging.

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Pressure Forming Services

Janco, Inc. provides cost-effective pressure forming services for high-performance custom color and textured plastic products that offer exceptional versatility and superior market appeal

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Thermoformed Plastic Packaging

Janco, Inc. is the definitive source for cost-effective innovative quality custom thermoformed plastic packaging solutions that provide superior protection and enhance the desirability of your product.

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