A Plastic Fabricator with over 50 years of Experience

With over 50 years of experience providing contract plastic fabrication and medical manufacturing services, Janco Incorporated has become a trusted resource for customers in the medical, consumer, electronic, and industrial market sectors. Businesses ranging from medical OEMs to sporting goods manufactures continually turn to Janco Incorporated for fast, reliable, and competitive contract fabrication and manufacturing that puts a constant focus on lean production and quality assurance.

Company Profile

  • Janco is an ISO 13485 Quality Certified Plastic Fabricator and Medical Device Manufacturer.
  • Janco is an FDA registered company.
  • Thermoforming and fabrication clean rooms certified to ISO 14644-1 Class 8
  • Medical packaging Cleanroom certified to ISO 14644-1 Class 7
  • In-Line Thermoforming bed Size: 29” x 32”, gauge range of .007” to .060”
  • Heavy Gauge pressure-forming bed size 48" x 72", Gauge range of .006" to .500" with 24" depth of draw
  • Expert thermoformer of PS, ABS, TPU, PET,PETG, PVC, and more materials
  • Quality Assurance with Electronically Monitored Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Design assistance, and sourcing
  • In-house machining, prototype, REN, and production tooling
  • Full compliment of secondary service operations, RF welding, Product assembly, Trimming, Machining, Labeling, packaging, and more
  • Foam Converting Services, roll slitting, vacuum forming, compression forming, die cutting, water jet, CNC routing, profile cutting, lamination
  • Major Foam Distributor of Voltek, Palziv, Armacell, Qycell, and others

Janco Inco Clean Room for Medical Packaging

Caring, Comprehensive, Competitive
Every product or component begins as a concept. However, not every concept makes for a successful end-result. At Janco, your success is our success. With this in mind, our entire process is engineered to yield the results you require. By combining state-of-the-art equipment with expert engineering services and quality assurance processes, we provide our customers with a comprehensive service that ensures excellence in every regard, from the fabrication process to your product’s performance.

Janco Inco Quality Assurance Cert Measurement Tools

Lean Manufacturing at Janco Inc
At its core, Lean manufacturing strives for excellence in every aspect of a company’s operations. At Janco, our dedication to continually optimizing our processes allows us to deliver industry leading results with the service and support to match.

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Janco Inc., provides custom component parts for OEM Manufacturers. Our goal is to efficiently and competitively provide quality plastic and foam products for businesses in market sectors ranging from consumer goods to medical devices. Contact Janco, Inc.