Material Distribution

Janco has strategically positioned ourselves as a distributor of high performance plastic and foams. Giving us a distinct advantage when it comes to sourcing, supplying, and meeting customer's high-volume, mid-volume, or low-volume needs, while being able to provide competitive pricing at any level.

All materials can be laminated, cut, split, slit, sheeted or converted to custom sizes to your specifications. Contact us for more information

Material Distribution

Sekisui Voltek (roll and bun stock)

Volara, Volextra, Minicell

Armacell (roll and bun stock)

Oletex Chemically crosslinked foam, XJ, XJV, CKJN series

Palziv (roll and bun stock)

chemically cross linked foam, Vizion, Fuzion

Qycell (roll and bun stock)

Crosslinked and irradiated PE foam buns and rolls

RUBATUX (roll and bun stock)

Custom Rubber sheets and extrusions

Plastic (roll and sheet stock)

4' x 8' sheets, HDPE, HMWPE - Various thickness and colors

JanCork (roll and sheet stock)

Moldable sheet cork, 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" Thick

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Janco Inc., provides custom component parts for OEM Manufacturers. Our goal is to efficiently and competitively provide quality plastic and foam products for businesses in market sectors ranging from consumer goods to medical devices. Contact Janco, Inc.