Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam

As a premier service supplier of custom plastic foam manufacturing and fabrication, Janco offers our customers closed cell polyethylene foam molding that can be relied on to meet every client’s specific requirements and perform reliably in a wide range of rigorous applications.

Because of its closed-cell formulation, polyethylene foam is an ideal material for applications that require protection against impact, chemicals, solvents, oils, and other elements. As a packaging material, it will protect the most sensitive components. As a sealing material it will keep out harmful substances. As a surface covering it will prove to be a tirelessly resilient, sterile, and fire retardant solution. In any setting, polyethylene foam will meet your needs regardless of your application's demands.

Different from other foams, our closed cell polyethylene foam molding has a higher level of resilience, workability, and temperature tolerance—allowing manufactured products to be used in a wider range of temperatures and environments.

Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam Fabrication

Much like standard polyethylene foam, cross-linked polyethylene foam is very durable and reliable when you require shock absorption, vibration dampening, compressibility, and more. However, where it distinguishes itself is in its ability to provided altered electrical, thermal, and physical properties.

While standard PE foam remains a fantastic solution for thousands of applications around the world, cross linked polyethylene foam formulations are available with drastically improved wear resistance that has proven invaluable for orthopedic applications, sterilization compatibility for use with medical devices, and a number of other specialty solutions where high-performance and reliability are imperative.

In addition, closed cell foam can be treated, molded, and fabricated to create composites as well as laminated and blended to alter its characteristics and more effectively suit a specific application.

The Janco Advantage: Polyethylene Foam

Cross-linked polyethylene foam is available in a number of colors and densities. Additionally, if your application calls for anti-static, fire retardant, or conductive cross-linked polyethylene foam moldings – we can help.

The Many Benefits of Polyethylene Foam

  • Polyethylene can be easily thermoformed or vacuum formed into 3D shapes to quickly and cost effectively meet your part design
  • Polyethylene foam is available in a wide variety of formulations, giving you the hardness, softness, and density you need.
  • Offers greater resiliency, tear resistance, and tensile strength
  • Provides enhanced temperature stability for applications everywhere
  • Is impervious to oils, chemicals, solvents, and more
  • Is safe for use in medical, clean-room, and foodservice applications
  • Meets FDA food contact compliance
  • Can be fabricated to feature specific textures suitable for your applications
  • Fire retardant 94-HFI compliant formulations available
  • Is inexpensive to tool and machine
  • Can be fabricated using multi-density foam or fabric composites
  • Meets RoHS compliance
  • Available in silicone and NRL free formulations

Other applications that take advantage of the many benefits of closed cell foam molding include:

  • Automotive trunk liners
  • Consumer products
  • Decorative packaging
  • Gaskets
  • Industrial applications in a wide range of market sectors
  • Liners
  • Marine applications requiring heat insulators and water resistant engine and storage compartments
  • Medical devices such as protective braces, supports, insulating foam, medical device package stabilization
  • Packaging that will effectively protect fragile or expensive items, such as electronics
  • Conductive and static dissipative formulations available
  • Protective padding
  • Thermal insulation wraps
  • Seals
  • Toys
  • And more...

Do you need polyethylene foam in a specific color and density, meticulously fabricated to meet your exact specifications? We can help. With experience providing polyethylene foam fabrications for virtually any industry that needs them, we've developed a knack for confidently handling even the toughest projects.

Are you looking for a way to streamline your design to make fabrication more cost effective? Our engineering and design support takes pride in helping our clients stay under budget.

Does your part require secondary services like laminating or milling?

Regardless of the application or production requirement, Janco is capable of providing high quality plastic fabrication and closed cell polyethylene foam molding. When cost, quality, and timeliness are important we can be depended on to deliver what’s needed.

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