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Thermoformed Plastic Packaging Services

Packaging Medical DevicesJanco, Inc. is the definitive source for cost-effective innovative quality custom thermoformed plastic packaging solutions that provide superior protection and enhance the desirability of your product.

Optimal thermoformed plastic packaging is functional, protecting the product while enhancing merchandising appeal. Janco, Inc. is a premier contract manufacturer of custom thermoformed plastic blister packaging, blister cards, clamshells and trays that meet your exact specifications, critical production requirements and provides innovative designs that maximize aesthetic appeal, cost-efficiency, product protection.

Specializing in long or short run production requirements

For almost fifty years, Janco, Inc. has delivered thermoformed plastic packaging services for a range of plastic components and products as diverse as the markets we serve.

Our thermoformed plastic packaging exceeds customer expectations of quality and performance to valued customers in the following dynamic market sectors:

  • Consumer
  • Healthcare
  • Electronic
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Packaging

Thermoformed plastic packaging has become an indispensable platform for product branding campaigns. Janco, Inc. provides a distinct strategic market advantage through the manufacture of innovative thermoformed plastic packaging solutions that elevate your brand through high visibility point of purchase placement and immediate visual access to unique product features. From concept to finished product, the experienced team at Janco, Inc. partners with you to design the optimal thermoformed plastic packaging solution that makes your marketing strategy an operational reality.

Janco, Inc.’s value engineering expert packaging from Janco, Inc. delivers benefits that help our valued customer secure a distinguishing competitive advantage:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Exceptional Product Protection
  • Elevated Branding and Enhanced Merchandising Appeal
  • Increased Quality Control and Product Standardization
  • Optimized Traceability
  • Rapid Time to Market
  • Reduced Package Inventory and Handling Costs
  • Significant Savings in Materials, Packaging and Labor Costs

Janco, Inc.’s signature range of custom thermoformed packaging solutions include:

Custom Thermoformed Plastic Blister Packaging:

Custom blister packaging is comprised of two separate pieces, a transparent plastic cavity shaped to the product and its blister board backing, that are joined by a heat sealing process allowing the product to be hung or displayed. Janco, Inc.’s blister packaging is precision formed, die-cut and stacked to meet the specific tolerances required for modern packaging lines.

Custom contoured blisters:

Preformed, rigid, transparent plastic components custom molded to dramatize the product's contour and highlight its benefits. This cost effective packaging component attaches easily to the surface of a printed, heat seal coated card.

Thermoformed Plastic Clamshell Packaging:

Box shaped cavity blister made with a hinged lid and closures that can be rendered for reuse or permanently heat sealed for theft deterrence. Clamshell packages unite the visual appeal the customer seeks with shelf-saving, self-selling properties and tamper resistance desired by the manufacturer. Clamshell packages offer many advantages for showcasing product features; they are transparent and can be assembled with insert cards which display product information and graphics. If you choose to marry the functionality of a packaging tray or insert with the appeal of a clamshell, Janco, Inc. can custom form the tray to fit multiple products while a flat halve folds over to form the front or back of the package. If the application requires, both halves can be formed to the contour of your product.

Interactive: A shaped cavity blister or clamshell package with some portion cut out to give customers direct access to the product.

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Mock Clamshell:

A shaped cavity blister made from a single piece of clear plastic with a hinge that allows both sides of the package to fold around a product. Both front and back cavities may be shaped to match different sections of the enclosed product.

Trifold Clamshell:

A shaped cavity blister made from a single piece of clear plastic with a triangular base that allows the clamshell to stand upright on a shelf. Both sides of the package are folded around a product.

Custom Thermoformed Plastic Trays:

A tray is a multi-cavity thermoformed part. Flexible design options for thermoformed plastic trays include lids, snap devices, indentations, stacking or denesting features for easy stacking and removal from tight shipping boxes. Trays can also be embossed for identification or with finger holes for ease of handling.

Both trays and inserts can be made from different clear, colored and textured materials such as:

Tinted PVC, suede tone flocks, pearlized or co-extruded materials of any type.

Market leaders rely on partnership with Janco, Inc. for competitively priced, innovative quality custom thermoformed plastic packaging solutions for a comprehensive range of industry applications. Please contact us at 603.742.1581 to learn how we can serve you today.

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