Compression Molding

Intricate, versatile, and innovative.

Compression Molding is perhaps the most versatile way to bring your product to life. It’s a critical part of the manufacturing process for a wide range of applications, ranging from athletic equipment to medical devices.

Our team has the capabilities to mold large, intricate parts for you with low-cost tooling and minimal waste, so you get high-quality products without high costs.

Compression Molded Foam

Our Process

Compression Molding Process

The custom molding manufacturing process uses heat and pressure to create 3D contours and objects from foam, plastic, fabric, and composite materials.

Our team of expert engineers bring unique solutions to life using your exact specifications, and as a distributor of foam and plastic from the world’s leading manufacturers, we give you access to the best materials available.

Compression Molding for the Medical Industry

Given the unique specifications and requirements often associated with medical industry needs, we offer compression molding capabilities in our ISO-certified cleanrooms.

Want to learn more about how our Compression Molding services can become a critical part of your process?

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