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Complete Packaging Services: Finding the Solution That’s Right for You

Whether you’re launching a new product or starting a new company, finding the right wholesale packaging vendor can make for a smoother process each step of the way. From design and sourcing the right materials to ensuring products get to their destination on time, complete packaging services reduce headaches and make for a more efficient process overall.

Janco has provided complete packaging services for both industrial and medical applications for 60 years. In this post, we’ll share what our years of experience have taught us about finding the right packaging manufacturer and the questions you should ask your packaging vendor.

Different Industries, Different Packaging Needs

The approach to packaging varies depending on the industry, so it’s key to ensure your packaging vendor has the capabilities you need, whether you’re making athletic equipment or medical devices.

To better understand what different market segments need when searching for packaging solutions, we break down capabilities and the questions you should ask by industry:

Medical Packaging Services

For packaging medical devices, your vendor must offer the right capabilities to meet regulatory requirements. You’ll also likely want to consult on design and materials to manage cost and speed-to-market. Make sure to be clear about your needs, including guidance on FDA regulations, material selection, sourcing, labeling, and prototyping.

As you vet potential wholesale packaging services, here are some questions you should be asking:

  • Are you cleanroom certified?
  • Do you offer manufacturing and packaging capabilities?
  • Do you offer labeling services?
    • Make sure you fully understand what a vendor is offering in their “packaging services” and discuss specific capabilities such as labeling, gluing and folding.
  • Do you offer internal and external packaging capabilities?
    • Medical devices often need multiple levels of packaging and sealing. Make sure your packaging vendor can provide each step needed.
  • Can you also manufacture related packaging materials, such as tray or foam packaging?
    • To increase efficiency, look for packaging services that can provide accessory packaging needs in house.
  • Do you offer design services?
    • If you have a packaging or assembly challenge, your vendor should have the skills, capabilities and experience to manage the design process for you.
  • What is the cost and turnaround time?
    • Supply chain issues and material sourcing is a major challenge for all industries. Search for vendors that have a proven sourcing strategy and speed-to-market.

Want to know more about what an experienced wholesale medical packaging service can offer? See what Janco offers here.

Industrial Packaging Services

Packaging for industrial applications does not have the same requirements as the medical industry, but may come with other challenges. Having an experienced packaging vendor to come up with creative solutions is especially helpful to start-up companies looking to provide cost-effective, high-value products in a new way.

When selecting complete packaging services for your industrial product, consider asking these questions:

  • What industries do you support?
    • Janco provides a wide-range of packaging solutions for the following industries:
      • Automotive
      • Athletics
      • Electronic
      • Heavy equipment
      • Manufacturing
  •  What products do you have experience providing packaging for?
    • A company experienced in your industry may not have the skills needed to effectively design packaging for your product. Look for vendors who understand the challenges of your industry and products you make.
  • Do you offer design services?
    • New designs and disruptive technology require new ways of thinking about wholesale packaging. Look for vendors that offer skilled design services.
  • What is the cost and turnaround time?
    • The price your vendor quotes won’t carry much weight if it doesn’t get to the customer on time. Make sure your packaging service has a proven record delivering on-time.
  • Do you have issues with sourcing and supply chain?
    • Again, supply chain is a common challenge, so ensure they have a firm grasp on the market and how best to source materials needed.

Have an industrial packaging application challenge? You can find more information about Janco’s industrial packaging here.

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