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Guardian Medical and Janco Collaboration Earns Ameristar Award

Guardian Medical, a valued Janco customer, was recently awarded the 2023 AmeriStar Award in the medical device category for its CapSure™ Sterile Barrier Packaging System. The award specifically called out the packaging system’s exceptional performance and its potential to transform orthopedic implant packaging.

The CapSure™ Sterile Barrier Packaging System delivers exceptional performance and economic efficiency. The packaging system reduces waste and optimizes the supply chain while the design ensures the orthopedic implant is protected.

“We at Guardian were happy to include our partner Janco in the AmeriStar award as a contributor to our CapSure™ Sterile Barrier Packaging System,” said Tracy Momany, President and CEO, Guardian Medical USA. “We envisioned a single PETG tray, capable of securing all of the different implant sizes in a family of medical devices, within our CapSure™ tube packaging. Janco turned this challenging concept into a functional, and award winning, reality.”

Janco is proud to have played a part in the medical manufacturing and design of this award-winning packaging. When Guardian Medical presented the design concept to Janco, the design team worked with Guardian to develop the tray and how it would work within the parameters of the larger design.

Janco continues to manufacture the PETG tray using our thermoforming technology inside Janco’s ISO-certified clean rooms.

About the Ameristar Award

The AmeriStar Awards Competition recognizes the best in professional packaging design solutions. The contest sets high criteria and looks for distinct features and advantages that deliver tangible value. Hosted and judged by a distinguished jury of packaging professionals and industry experts, Guardian Medical’s CapSure™ Sterile Barrier Packaging System stood out as an exemplary example of innovation in the medical device packaging field.

Janco’s Medical Packaging Capabilities

Guardian Medical is just one of a number of customers Janco works with on packaging design and manufacturing. With decades of experience in the field, Janco is synonymous with quality and consistency. We offer a number of capabilities, including thermoforming, medical device assembly, medical laminating and clean room manufacturing.

Want to learn more about how Janco can meet your medical device packaging needs? Reach out today.

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