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Janco Celebrates 60 Years of Thermoforming & Packaging Excellence

Founded in 1963, Janco, Inc., is a family-owned business known for its service and quality providing packaging, thermoforming and contract manufacturing services. What’s the secret to our longevity? A dedication to quality and strong customer relationships.

For our 60th anniversary, we wanted to highlight a bit about our history and what makes Janco different.

Part of N.H.’s manufacturing history

Janco, Inc. is based in Rollinsford, N.H., located just 90 minutes north of Boston and the major biotech and industrial manufacturing hubs within the surrounding communities. This small town has a long manufacturing tradition, beginning in 1820 with hydro-powered mills built on the Salmon Falls River. These early manufacturing facilities produced wool textiles and later cotton goods.

Manufacturing of textiles in Rollinsford continued into the 20th century and today these brick mill spaces are used by artists and traditional artisans who produce furniture, paintings, and other goods on a small scale.

In addition to the historic mills, Rollinsford also became the home of modern advanced manufacturing facilities in the 20th century, including Janco, which set up shop on its campus on Goodwin Road. It quickly became part of a larger community of advanced manufacturing companies located throughout Southern N.H. and the greater Boston region.

The beginning of Janco, Inc.

Janco was born in George Janetos’ barn in Rollinsford. At the time, George worked at a local contract manufacturer, Spaulding Fiber, which specialized in the use of fiberboard in sporting goods equipment. When George got home, he would head to the barn and experiment with polyethylene plastic resin. He took his experience and the results of those experiments and opened Janco in 1963 with his brothers Paul, Louis and Andrew. The company quickly made its mark with innovations that revolutionized the industry.

Janco was originally focused on industrial applications and developing athletic equipment. Decades later, Andrew saw a market for medical trays, packaging services and medical device assembly in certified cleanrooms. In 1985 Andrew installed the first cleanroom, launching the medical side of the business. It also made Janco the first company to produce thermoformed medical trays inside of a class 8 cleanroom.

Janco, Inc. today

Today, Janco operates a 100,000-square-foot facility that includes seven FDA-registered and ISO-certified clean rooms. The company produces high-quality and cost-effective thermoforming and compression-molded services for both medical and industrial markets, from industry leaders to start ups. All products are made in the U.S., with service available around the globe.

Janco has class 7 and class 8 ISO certified cleanrooms available for use in manufacturing, assembly and packaging services. We also have an extensive range of forming and fabricating capabilities, including laminating and compression molding of plastics and foam for a wide range of applications.

“We owe much of our success to our skilled Janco team,” said President and CEO Mark P. Janetos. “Whatever the project, they go above and beyond to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions. You not only get a skilled vendor, but a partner you can trust every step of the way.”

Want to know more about our capabilities? View our full list of industrial and medical services.

What makes Janco, Inc. different?

Customized service is at the heart of what we do. We base the”Janco Difference” on three C’s:

  1. Caring – Every project is different and has specific needs. It’s why we take a customized approach to every project, taking time to answer your questions, offer unique solutions, and ensure you understand every step of the process. We believe long-lasting relationships with our customers take a high level of care.
  2. Comprehensive – From design to delivery, we offer expertise and state-of-the-art technology. We’ve designed a thorough quality assurance process that ensures your products are precise, reliable, and completed with comprehensive attention to detail.
  3. Competitive – Our customers expect high-quality and cost-effective execution. Our competitive solutions and unbeatable quality are part of what makes us unique


It takes expertise, business insight and dedication to withstand the ups and downs of 60 years in business. Janco, Inc. has earned its longevity, in part, due to its experienced staff, high-quality products and exceptional service. Whether you need a customized product solution or are working with distinct specifications that require precision, Janco’s years of experience will help you get the job done.

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